What are the functions of pressure riveting screws?

Publish Time: 2023-08-18
The pressure riveting screw is a compact, easy to disassemble and secure fixed connection. Its main functions are as follows:
1. Fixed connection: Pressure riveting screws can firmly connect materials together to avoid loosening or falling off due to external forces such as vibration and impact.
2. Rigid connection: Pressure riveting screws can provide a strong rigid connection to stably determine two or more materials. This connection method is stronger than traditional bolt tightness.
3. Save space: The design of pressure rivet screws is compact, which can provide a strong connection in the case of limited space.
4. Increased durability: Due to the structural characteristics of pressure riveting screws, it can provide better durability and corrosion resistance.
5. Easy to disassemble: The pressure riveting screws can be disassembled relatively easily, which is convenient for maintenance or replacement of related parts.
In short, the pressure riveting screw has the characteristics of compact structure, convenient disassembly and assembly, firmness and reliability, and is widely used in various industrial and mechanical applications.
In addition to the functions mentioned above, pressure riveting screws also have the following functions:
6. Distributed load: The pressure riveting screw can evenly distribute the load, reduce the local pressure on the connecting material, and improve the strength and stability of the connection.

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