Features of pressure rivet nuts

Publish Time: 2023-06-01
High-strength connections: Press-riveted nuts provide reliable, high-strength connections that are subject to high tensile or shear forces. By forming a riveting point on the metal part, the nut can be firmly fixed to the workpiece, ensuring the firmness of the connection.

Wide range of application: pressure riveting nuts are suitable for various metal materials, including steel, aluminum, copper, etc. They can be used in metal parts of different shapes and thicknesses, offering flexibility and a wide range of applications.

Easy installation: The installation of the pressure riveting nut is relatively simple, just fix it to the metal piece by the pressure riveting tool. This installation method is faster and more convenient than traditional welding or threading, saving time and labor costs.

No back operation required: During the installation of the pressure riveting nut, only one side of the workpiece needs to be operated, and no back side operation is required. This provides a more convenient installation method in cases where both sides of the workpiece cannot be accessed at the same time.

Corrosion resistance: Pressure rivet nuts are usually manufactured using corrosion-resistant materials such as stainless steel or galvanized steel. This allows them to maintain stable performance in wet, corrosive environments and extend the life of the connection.

Detachability: Unlike permanent connections such as welding, pressure rivet nuts provide removability. When connections need to be disassembled or replaced, the nuts can be easily removed from the workpiece and other nuts reinstalled.

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