What is the difference between a pressure rivet nut and a pull rivet nut?

Publish Time: 2023-05-18
Pressure riveting nut refers to the process of riveting, under the pressure of the outside world, the pressure riveting part makes the base material plastically deformed, and squeezed into the riveting screw, nut structure in the special prefabricated groove, so as to achieve a reliable connection of two parts.

The riveting nut is deformed under the action of external tension during the riveting process. The deformation is usually in a specially designed location where the deformation clamping substrate enables a reliable chain connection.

When the thickness of the constructed plate meets the parameter range of the pressure riveting nut of the corresponding specification, the pressure riveting nut is applied, and the riveting nut is selected instead. Pressure riveting nuts generally rely on pressure riveting machines to press riveting, and rivet nuts are suitable for pressure riveting guns, which is more convenient.

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